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Representing our community

“The wonderful thing about representing such a great community is that people know what they need. During Coffee and Conversation events, I've had the privilege to connect with neighbors to problem solve around the issues that affect their lives. My commitment to supporting safe and healthy communities grows from the connection I maintain to the community that raised me and our shared values.”

— State Representative Erin Maye Quade


Host a Night with Neighbors

Organize your Night with Neighbors

I know so many feel an urgency to do something, but aren’t sure what to do. That’s why we’re organizing Nights with Neighbors. Block by block, a few neighbors at a time, we will meet in livings rooms, at kitchen tables, or in community rooms to talk about the things that get us up in the morning and the things that keep us up at night.

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This past session

“During my campaign, I spoke with a veteran who told me about the need for legislation to allow the spouses of disabled veterans, who are rated 70 percent disabled or higher, to continue receiving the same property tax benefit after their spouse dies. His story inspired me to author and successfully to pass the Disabled Veterans Homestead Exclusion Bill, with allies from across the aisle. Throughout this past session, I've made sure to stay immersed in other people's stories and respond to issues that matter most to my constituents because that's what I was elected to do.”

— State Representative Erin Maye Quade