Erin’s Vision for Minnesota

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Safe and Healthy Communities

Erin Maye Quade knows our communities works best when families are safe and healthy, which is why she is working to pass common-sense reforms that keep guns out of the hands of criminals, the dangerously mentally ill and domestic abusers. Minnesota needs to fully fund programs for those struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse. We need to make sure that no actively serving military service members, veterans, or their families are ever turned away from vital services and sustainable opportunities. We also can’t let special interests or corporations turn a profit by writing laws that make our air less clean or our water less safe.


Cradle to College Education

Growing up attending Greenleaf Elementary, Falcon Ridge Middle School, and Eastview High School, Erin understands how great our public schools can be. That is why Erin is committed to supporting and working with parents, teachers and administrators to make sure every student can achieve their fullest potential. To make sure this is possible, Erin will fight to properly fund our schools on a state level, reducing property taxes impacting so many families in our community. During college, while tutoring in District 196, Erin saw first hand how important it is to make sure that each student arrives to school safe, healthy, and ready to learn. Childhood hunger in Minnesota can no longer be a silent issue, and Erin is working with our legislature to end food insecurity in our communities and make all-day pre-K a reality for every family in Minnesota. To keep our economy growing, Erin is fighting to freeze college tuition and allow students to refinance student loans the same way large corporations and CEOs can.

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Opportunity and Prosperity

Opportunity in Minnesota is driven by an economy that works for everyone. We can’t put large corporate wealth ahead of the thriving small businesses and middle class families that fuel our  economy. Erin is fighting to make sure that everyone has opportunities to succeed, starting with working to pass equal pay for equal work for women, paid sick and family leave and creating opportunities for small businesses to create new jobs.

Our partisan political system has elected too many people who prioritize Wall Street, large corporations and CEOs. Growing up here, Erin knows the values of our community and her constituents and she actively fights for those values in Saint Paul.

While there are a lot of promising things happening in Minnesota, our state has the worst racial disparities in the nation, and systemic inequalities are making it harder for some Minnesotans to get ahead. Our community is committed to the idea that no Minnesotan should face unjust barriers to achieving the Minnesotan dream of prosperity and opportunity. Erin represents those values in the legislature; by working to require Equity Impact Statements on every piece of legislation, Erin is striving to make sure that the bills we pass lift up all Minnesotans.

Protecting Women’s Health and Choice

Women and their doctors should make healthcare decisions. Not politicians. As your Representative, Erin remains committed to fighting to make sure that no woman is denied access to reproductive health care and that partisan attempts to defund Planned Parenthood and other providers are never successful.


Accessible and Accountable Democracy

Upholding our democracy demands discipline, from elected officials and the constituents they represent. Too often, decisions about the laws we must live by are made behind closed doors, leaving Minnesotans — and many legislators — out of the process. Worse, it seems elected representatives are too busy fighting with each other to listen to the needs of their community. As your state representative, Erin has continued to be engaged, accessible and responsive to her constituents; to promote transparency in our legislative process; and to put the needs of people over partisanship.